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Practically there is no one who has not been hit hard by the recession. Its vagaries can be seen from the  dwindling crowds  on the shop floors of shopping malls, to the  shortening of the  queues on the airlines check-in counters, to the shrinking of the kitchen and household shopping of many families  on account of  their  reduced incomes.  The economies of not only the businesses but even the common families have  gone hay wire. The salary slips suddenly vanishing  lead to bank balances and savings vanishing in no time , but giving in to the pressures and adopting a passive attitude can further aggravate the problem and one can get into depression. So what do we do ? Many of us will obviously pose  this question .

The best thing that we can do is to take it in the correct perspective that it is time to either  upgrade or to diversify our skills . There must be  many things  we had not done in life before but have always talked about  doing , to  our friends and families.  It could be expanding on some hobby, taking to some other  profession related to our skills or it could be even upgrading our academics . But that can be organised only if we remain positive and objective in our approach towards every thing in our life.

I have always spoken about getting into teaching in a business  school to my family and friends during my long career of 28 years in  marketing.   Yet  I did not have the courage to quit  the well heeled and oiled job.Though I had been adding my own bit to the education field by writing seven  books on Marketing and getting them published by the best publishers of the world ,  as a hobby . All this had been done during my tenure as a corporate manager. I had also picked up an additional  degree in management almost ten years ago more to satisfy my curiosity about new concepts in management rather than anything else.

Recently when I had faced challenges  in my  corporate career, I looked at this juncture in my life as a God sent opportunity to convert my talks into practical action. I had prepared myself to take life head on  and fight back  the negativity of a depressing  recession. The first thing that I have done is to adopt  a positive attitude. This  positive attitude is all prevading . I do not allow my family   also to get into any kind of negative reminiscensing of the life that we have just had and left behind. The result is that I have got a great opening for myself   into   a profession that I had always wanted to get into i.e. teaching in a good business school.  I also have another book of mine ready for release withing a week or so. It is obvious life has turned better once again.  It is  definitely the positive thinking that has activated the law of attraction in my life. I wish all of us get inot the positive thinking and attract the best things of our choice into our lives.

Think positive , get up and get going is all I can wish all my friends . Believe me  that every good  thing that you have ever wanted will start materialising the moment you turn positive. Just get going.

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