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An open communication definitely will help the couple resolve their differences. They can do so by sitting in an amicable atmosphere of love and regard for each other’s opinion and   view point.   Many issues can be settled in life by having a long talk.  Some other issues can be settled and resolved by professional counseling. It may so happen some times that the couple simply isn’t compatible cerebrally and physically to be together.  But that does not mean that the strangers cannot become the best of friends. Efforts made in the right direction can bring the poles apart personalities to develop tolerance and acceptance of each other which may eventually ignite the sparks of love and affection too.

A strained relationship can be developed due to many smaller yet important issues which could have been better resolved as soon as these differences had cropped up.  The differences could also have been arisen as a  result of much deeper  issues. Certain problems seem to be common among many couples, so those areas are good places to start when trying to work on a lifelong marital relationship. A good beginning can be made  by the young couple by   seeking premarital counseling to help them with their relationship support material and tips that can help the couple  build a solid foundation for a happy married life.

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