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Every couple who decides to tie the marital knot should understand and be aware of that it is ultimately the available of sufficient regular income for running the life that will keep the smile on the lips and love in the heart going for each other. They must realize that it is the satisfactory flow of money that will keep the kitchen fires burning and make the marriage enjoyable and workable for the family. Most of the times, it is the lack of adequate money that becomes the cause of irritation, intolerance for each other and subsequent fights between couples. Couples in their romanticism may not give that kind of importance to money and plunge headlong into an early marriage /live in relationship. Such issues need to be worked out in advance by both the partners immediately after they decide to live together on long term basis as partners be it within the wedlock or outside the wedlock. The couples need to sit down and discuss the money that will be available for immediate daily living, the long time prospects when offspring is planned and decide as to who is going to contribute in what way to the family money kitty. They must be expressive to each other on their thoughts and attitude on money. Such planning and understanding will keep the tempers from flaring up later on in life and threaten the very institute of marriage. Romantic thoughts, poetry, not willing to touch the dreary topics of money management styles may want to consider having a “specific date to discuss marital fund” to find out the ways and means to find the cash and for making each future day a very healthy and beautiful day of marital life Couples who both work and earn and who plan to get married should mutually decide whether they should operate common fund, separate contributions, joint accounts, separate accounts or both.

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