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The concentration skills  are important in life . Whatever the station or the station , concentration  and focus   will be needed to understand, comprehend and take a decision. Parents of young children and often  working  adults themselves have been seeking our guidance on  developing the concentration and focus in their efforts.  We give  some  of the tips  that can  help  develop better concentration to people ion all stations in life.

1. Prioritize  your work :It helps when the priorities of the work can be donbased on its urgency and priority in life. the ABC analysis of the jobs to be done by oyu in a day’s time will help you set your priorities.

2. Pick up all those works that you have assigned  category A works as they will need your immediate and full attention.  Next in the priority will be category B works that will need full concentration and will have to be handled with not so much urgency.
3. Handle  one thing at a time:the concentration  builds up  by handling   one thing at a time . Thus giving  complete undivided attention  to the job in hand . Multitasking (doing many things simultaneously) causes distraction .

4.  Doing  the same thing  as if everything depends on it   :Call for and look at all details in totality so that no repetitions of the exercise are  called for later. Do not miss any thing.Observe   all details as if you   are gaining new insights  during the first time itself .

5. A few   minutes more  rule :Whenever   you feel like quitting in the   middle of a task – just say a few more minutes and work a couple of minutes more. This strategy will ,help  expand  and stretch the working   mind and build up mental  endurance. remember how sports persons   build up  their  stamina  and   mental endurance  when their muscles and body wants them to quit due to  tiredness.

6.  Writing down :use pen and paper to note down any deviations that come to mind promising yourself to take up these deviations later during your free times.

7. Reward yourself:   small rewards matter. promise your self  a good treat after you finish  the task in hand. The reward can be anything that makes you happy and relaxed – like having your favorite food,going out for a walk, meeting your best friend etc.

8. Be project specific :Before you start any work, be clear in your mind about the objective to be achieved by you. Be as precise as possible .the next assignment should be handled after the one in hand  has been   completed satisfactorily .

9.Use a concentration score sheet:Each time you find your mind wandering, make a check mark on the  score  sheet. doing this on consistent basis, will help reduce s distraction and increase   concentration.

10.  Break task into smaller parts:Breaking a  greater  task into smaller parts will make it seem less overbearing and help you look at  it with more positive mindset .

11. Concentration exercises:Concentration exercises help in training your mind to concentrate more and for longer periods of time.

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