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Some more secrets to keep your marriage……………
1. A spouse will often get angry if the other partner expressed doubt on the decision taken by the other partner. We will advise you to go with your partner’s decision and confidence in one of your spouse’s decisions at the first instance. The decision can be subjected to some discussion though at a later stage if need be .

2. Newly married couples often share food from the same plate when they are invited to family and other public functions during the initial days of the marital bliss. But the love tends to wane after a few weeks or may be months. Couples should make efforts to always  share   a dessert with one spoon or a fork so that the sweetness of the dish passes on the moods too.

3. Remember how you used to woo her or him with the favorite tune and the song. Pick up that tune again during romantic moments and sing to her/ him the same “our song” whenever and wherever you can. Do not feel inhibited ever . Call your spouse on his cell phone in the office and sing it to her or him. .

4. How long has it been when you had been to the office/workplace of your partner. Surprise your partner one of these days. Visit your partner at his or her office and get out for a quick bite around the corner coffee shop and don’t forget to give a peck on the cheek or a brushing kiss when you depart.
5. The touch therapy works wonders. Play footsie while watching television or when you sit together post dinner and have itsy bitsy discussions.

6. Bring about some humor in your companionship. The partners sharing and laughing together present a perfect couple picture. Sharing jokes, little idiosyncrasies , and mirth and merry should come into usual habit naturally.

7. When both partners work the office and the job related anxiety aggravates at home. This can be brought down by asking the partner, ” how was your day “… and do not pretend but actually listen and show real concern.

8.The early morning touch acts as the mood elevator. A hug and a kiss given to the spouse upon waking just does that.

9.Caressing and light massage before sleeping will work as the soother to any tensions of the entire day . Just do that to your partner before you kiss the good night to each other..

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What should the couple ask a psychologist counselor? : The question that a young couple may have in mind is as to:

  1. What should they ask the counselor separately as individuals and  as  a couple together who have decided to tie the nuptials
  2. Does every couple need such counseling?
  3. But we have known each other for so long as lovers / friend’s .why do we need counseling now?
  4. Will the counseling be done in privacy or  will there be more couples will be involved in the process?
  5. Will the counseling involve my /ours parents too?
  6. How will the counseling help me/ us have a smooth/ rocking marital relationships?
  7. How many sessions will be necessary?


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