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 Counseling should obviously be sought when the individual have selected a companion and the decisions to get married by both the individuals have been finalized, so that the benefits can be accrued by both the partners in their future married life.   The psychologists recommend seeking counseling:

  • When both the partners are very young and have never been married. ( of course both have   to take decision to get  married only at the legal marriage age allowed by the law of the land )
  • When the commitment for marriage cannot be taken with an open mind and the decision leads to fears and phobia in the individual’s mind.
  •  When the decision involves many issues related to   religion, culture, family ,  economic, social background, income, , parenting, household responsibility, work, job, career ambitions,  physical intimacy, sex, companionship, privacy, loss of independence etc.
  • When any of the near relatives, parents, siblings, have been through a bad marriage in the family.
  • When either or both partners have had a failed marriage before and have been through a trauma of legal divorce.
  • When the family pressures conflict with personal reasons and attitude.
  •   When the individual have been a victim of childhood abuse or domestic violence.
  • When individual has other reasons that could create conflicting situations with either of the spouse or other near and dear ones.

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