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We  all  have a very naughty monkey living within our physical and mental system . This  little monkey known as the mind keeps on playing the  games within our  cerebral and emotional subsystem . And we as little kids and sometimes as grown ups keep on taking part in the games   that this little NON -HOMINOID devices for us while the cerebral games  can be managed analytically it is very important to understand the emotional games.   Emotions are the deepest  part of our personality . it is not possible for a normal person to understand and go deep into the foundation and forming of these emotion. These emotions can be good , bad , positive , negative or even neutral. Our mind is run by these emotions . we have good emotions prevailing our mind will be good , or in case of negative emotions our mind also  becomes negative .our very existence is connected to the running of our emotions . In the current video and the  subsequent presentation we shall be discussing about the  emotions and the ways to manage the emotions.

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on the occasion of Doctors Day  we are releasing the second video by Dr. Ramneek Kapoor on youtube.

In this segment, Dr. Ramneek Kapoor, Psychologist, Family Therapist, Science of Living and Preksha meditation expert, talks about the need for self acceptance to deal effectively with depression, anxiety and stresses of life.

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Modern gadgets, modern spas and the masseurs can not provide as much  relief to your body and mind as is done by Kayotsarg.

Kayotsarg means relaxing of the human  body with full awareness. According to Lord Mahavir ‘relaxation relieves one from all sorrow.’ kayotsarg gives a kind of  Relaxation that  awakens  the consciousness and relieves human mind and body  from  physical and mental stresses. Preksha Meditation too  is relaxation, through which the stability of  mind and body is achieved. by practising kayotsarga  the tensed body  muscles are relieved of all kinds of  stress and the autosuggestion further provides physical,  psychological,and emotional strength .

The practice of kayotsarg along with the exercise of Anupreksha and meditation  constitutes the foundation for  bringing about a positive thought process and a healthy change in life.


  • To reduce physical inertia
  • To enhance intelligence
  • To develop the aptitude of enduring pain and pleasure with equanimity
  • To observe the subtleties of our inner body
  • To gain control over our emotions
  • To develop positive outlook
  • to get mind rid of all negativity,anxiety and phobias
  • To achieve the goals and  to succeed in life.


There are four stages of kayotsarg:

  • Stability of body
  • Relief from all kinds of tension
  • Abandoning the gross body and coming closer to the subtle one.
  • Realizing the detachment of soul from the body.
  • Realizing that the soul and the body are two different entities.

Relaxation can be performed in any of the three postures i.e.

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Lying down

For relaxation, select a quiet, clean and pleasant place. Those who are young and strong can do relaxation in standing posture. Those who are relatively aged and weak can choose either a sitting or a lying down posture.
In any of these postures, the body is to be kept calm and stable. The neck, spine/vertebral column, and waist should be erect and straight but without stiffness, and entire body should be left loose. Now simply focusing on each and every part of the body experience relaxation through autosuggestion. Relaxation is very useful in relieving oneself from tensions or anxiety. Half an hour of relaxation can be equivalent to and even more effective in providing rest to the body than two hours of sleep.
Relaxation can be practiced for a long time in continuity or even with breaks in between. In order to achieve different effects, one can practice it at different time.


For physical and mental health perform relaxation for 20 seconds to 5 minutes, several times a day.
Begin any work with 2 minutes practice of relaxation.

  • After finishing any work practice relaxation for 20 minutes
  • For emotional well being practice relaxation for 45 minutes, every day before lunch.

Benefits of kayotsarg

  • Relieves oneself from physical, mental, and emotional stress
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Decelerates the rate of metabolism, breathing, and heartbeats
  • Increases the operational efficiency
  • Solves the problem of insomnia
  • Helps a person to remain calm and peaceful under any situation
  • Positive changes in the bio-electrical activities of the brain
  • Alertness sharpens the intellect and concentration is achieved
  • Constant self-awareness leads to self-realization.

image3We run regular sessions of  Preksha Meditation, kayotsarg ,and yoga. please get in touch  with us and change your life for complete healthy and peaceful living:

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 Everybody can be distracted or daydream at different times and in different situations, but when the distraction can be beyond a set social and medical criterion these distracted behaviors become excessive and could prove problematic. The medical- psychological term for these difficulties is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and some of the signs of this difficulty include:
  • Being easily distracted
  • Making “careless” mistakes
  • Struggling to follow instructions carefully and completely
  • Repeatedly losing things like toys, pencils, or anything you might need to complete a task

Psychiatrists   have identified that problem with attention, is often coupled with signs of hyperactivity such as:

  • Restlessness and fidgeting
  • Dashing about in situations when the child as expected to sit still and be quiet
  • Blurting out answers or interrupting others
  • Getting really frustrated if you have to wait in line or queue

The symptomatic types of signs associated with attention deficit lead to frequent wrong diagnosis of ADHD. Parents, teachers and doctors have to be keenly alert to whether signs are demonstrated across a number of situations, e.g.in school, at home, during extracurricular activities or if they are isolated to a specific subject area, which may indicate a much more specific problem.

In order to gain a formal diagnosis, psychiatrists/doctors will be looking for evidence that the problems were demonstrated early in life (before the age of 7).

Once a psychiatrist /doctor has this evidence, a full assessment, which often includes lots of different specialists, can start. However, arriving at a formal diagnosis for ADHD can sometimes be a longwinded and frustrating process. Also, because poor concentration often affects progress at school, problems can be compounded with the passing of time.

Once diagnosed, treating a child with ADHD can present a difficult choice: whether or not to   make use of medication. Other approaches include behavioral modification and management  program.

Symptomatic highlights:


  • Does your child struggle with attention and concentration?
  • Balance and Coordination Reading and Writing

It could be dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), a condition that affects around 1 in 30 of us. Boys are at least four times more likely to be affected than girls.

There seems to be some difficulty with the way the brain processes information – it affects planning of what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Often difficulties with coordination go hand-in hand with other issues, such as difficulty with reading, Attention and Organization Skills.

For children with coordination difficulties, actions like running, jumping, balancing and cycling can prove extremely challenging. For adults, this may have translated into difficulty with driving, household chores, cooking and even getting dressed.

The tell-tale signs can be spotted at two levels.

There may be problems with gross motor coordination skills, which may result in:

  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty learning to catch and throw
  • Difficulty learning to ride a bicycle
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Difficulty learning to get dressed

There may also be problems with fine motor coordination skills, including difficulty with:

  • Delicate tasks like using cutlery
  • Doing up buttons and zips
  • Tying shoe laces or ties
  • Handwriting

Often, as time goes on and children get more practice, things may become easier. In some cases, physiotherapy or occupational therapy may be appropriate.

Of all the skills we learn as children, reading and writing are among the most difficult and important. They help us build our knowledge and gain an understanding of the world.

As we get older, our ability to take in and produce written information is considered to be a fundamental skill required for success. So it is not surprising that if reading and writing prove to be difficult skills to learn, it can be a problem for the child, for their parents and for teachers at school.

For children with learning difficulties, learning to read can be an exhausting and frustrating task that simply doesn’t get any easier. In many instances, these difficulties continue into adulthood and the difficulty is hidden or avoided rather than overcome.

Lots of people take the act of reading for granted. For them it is acquired effortlessly and soon becomes second nature. But the processes involved are anything but simple! When we look at some text, a lot of physical, neurological and mental processes have to work together in order for us to make sense of what is on the page.

Our eyes have to track the text in a precise movement; nerves in our eyes take information to the brain; the brain does some special processing to convert that into language; and then that information has to be converted again into meanings.

With a process this complex, there are plenty of things that can (and do) go wrong for some people. It is not that those people are lazy or stupid. In fact they might be trying MUCH harder than other people, but it is simply that their ability to process the information, and make things become automatic, is not as efficient. Learning through practice is consequently much slower than it should be. When children are learning to read, there are a number of different signs that they might be Struggling . Signs include:

  • Difficulty sounding out words and recognizing them out of context
  • Confusion between letters and the sounds they represent
  • Difficulty reading aloud
  • Reading without expression
  • Ignoring punctuation
  • Comprehension difficulties
  • Trouble remembering or summarizing what is read

Often people who have significant problems with reading and writing will be diagnosed with dyslexia. This is no reflection on intelligence or IQ (many are bright and creative people).

People tackle difficulties with reading and writing in a number of different ways. For many, the first option is more teaching around word sounds (phonological); for others it is sound-based or visual therapy. All these routes have their merits and their success stories.

  • Do you or your child have trouble with movement and coordination?
  • Do you or your child have trouble with reading and writing?

Many people, who have taken up the Special Mansik Pramarsh Programme, tell us that their ability to focus on the task in hand improves dramatically.

People who have struggled to run without tripping up, or have never been able to ride a bike, tell us that they are able to do these activities for the first time. For others, it is more about small improvements day after day, but the overall result is similar.

We have successfully worked with thousands of people who have symptoms associated with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. Those who have completed the Programme have reported outcomes which include:

  • Improved Concentration,
  • Better Coordination, Increased Self-Confidence,
  • More Motivation for Reading and Schoolwork,
  • Improvements in Reading and Spelling Scores,
  • Enhanced Social Skills And Greater Sporting Ability

Mansik Pramarsh   program deals with what some researchers believe may be the underlying cause of learning difficulties; poor cerebellar efficiency. Our program aims to stimulate the cerebellum to improve concentration, coordination, reading, writing and the processing of information, as well as make skills become more automatic.

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Much has been written by thinkers, philosophers, scientists, sages and preachers on the subject of mind and heart. There has been  endless research on the issue of restless mind and spirit of human beings, yet the peace still eludes many of us. The world still suffers from many diseases of the mind and heart. Words like depression, anxiety, stress and phobic disorder, mental disorder, behavioral disorder are being used like the common place flu and colds happening to ordinary people. The medical world abounds by all kinds of medicines and treatments, offering little respite to those who suffer. People  continue to suffer .Their restless minds and souls are constantly being tormented. Through the columns of these pages we will try to understand how do we establish  better understanding  of these matters of mind and heart to reach emotional stability in our lives and keep our lives balanced.

We humans are connected with the organic world with the most developed brain and thinking powers. In the organic world three kinds of living beings exist i.e., those that have the instinctual survival bereft of any emotions, those that survive only on the basis of their physical strength and display only momentary emotional awareness .Humans have been bestowed with the powers that can generate emotions in our system involuntarily and activate our thinking system whether we like it or not.  We also have a fully developed mental perception, which can take cognizance of the matter and connect it to the events and consequences. We have a fully developed memory. We think, we imagine, we connect and we activate. Much as man would like to become thoughtless at times, sleep without any connection to the real world, the brain continues working either voluntarily but mostly involuntarily.

The involuntary emotional system activates our mind all the time. It forces the mind to imagine, to create and to dream. The dreams motivate us to plan which are executed by us to realize all those that we dreamt of. But in the law of our land where we have the thought, the power to dream and the power to reflect, we do have the situations that cause conflict and pain. For wherever there is a mind, the thought, the power to reflect, the analytical skill, there we have the conflict, the contradiction. No mental activity can ever be without the contradictory and opposite situation. Wherever we have the mind, we have the pain and we have the misery. Man however does not want to suffer. He wants to always be in comfort, in happiness and in the enjoyment of a happy life. This is a natural phenomenon .All living beings look for a life full of comforts. The inanimate only do not know the difference between   the comfort and discomfort. The living beings who do not have a mind suffer only for a short while. Their sense of discomfort is only short lived,  is unexpressed on account of lack of emotions . They do not consign their discomfort to their   memory bank. Nor do they draw upon their memory bank to reflect and compare their current and past discomfort. But man being a thinking organic sensitive emotional mind feels, expresses, analyses ,compares  and consigns  all comforts and discomforts to his   memory bank, thus in a way being always under the load of misery .

Can the mind be free from worries and miseries? 

We are all part of the larger organic world in which we are all living beings like millions of other kinds of living being inhabiting the solar system. Our world in fact as compared to the world of other living beings of the universe is too small. We are very miniscule in numbers, barely a few trillions all over the globe. The other planets must be peopled with many more living beings which the science is continuously researching into. Whether those living beings too have similar emotions, thoughts, mind and heart developed like us, only the research will find out.

But humans of our dear earth are endowed with a developed mental faculty. we all think .Thinking ,reflecting is an activity of the mind. We remember, we consign our thoughts to memory bank. We imagine. We create thoughts. Creation of thoughts and imagination is a mental exercise. We plan larger things for our life by the strength of our imagination .We dream of things that are larger than our life. We aspire for making these dreams come true. we do realize some of these dreams, imagination, and aspirations yet many other remain out of reach  . 

In order to understand the malady that has befallen the modern mind we will have to know the functioning of the mind in the modern age .the modern times are the reflectors of the cerebral psychological problems. Every individual is    involved fully into the mental day to day stresses of life. The involvement of the human mind into the cerebral problems becomes the major detriment to the peace and happiness of the human intellect.  Every human being wants to become free of the mental stress that he is suffering from.  We need to understand as to what mind is, in order to get liberated from the stresses and problems of the mind. Without really looking into the functioning of the mind it is simply irrelevant to solve the problems that exist in our psyche today.

What are the functions performed by Mind ?

Mind is the action centre of the conscious and subconscious both. Sometimes it acts  in full associations of the brain and the heart and other times it may wander into unknown realms of its own . Our central nervous system may have a role in controlling the mind and body both.  but mind does not remain restricted within the body hence it may be incorrect to say that mind is controlled by the brain and performs all those actions as are  demanded of it by the brain.

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Continuing from my last post  about self acceptance ……  I have observed that many a times”WE All” surrender to the negativity in weaker moments of life and then allow the nihilistic attitude to overtake our body, mind and all faculties . The shadow of doubt arises from the fact that we do not want to face our own self in these weaker moments thus losing control and surrendering  with humble submission . We do not try to resurrect the position by reviving the natural powers that the nature has bestowed us with . These powers are the :

  • power of mind
  • power of brain
  • power of determination ( resolution )
  • power of  karma
  • power of positivity.

  In my article Accept Yourself…….. all we are doing is to enhance the self image and self esteem and  convert the negativity of life to living our life in positive emotions through daily  self acceptance  practices . By way of writing and stating   the obvious power we all possess  we shall be increasing our own acceptance from the inner strengths before we move to the external world.

Just remember that we are weakling physically as  compared  to  even a small ant that can carry a load of  12 times its own weight  while moving . obviously we cannot do that . Same way we can not bear and tolerate the   stringent weather and vagaries of nature like a small plant or a tree can do . The small plant  outside our window or a tree in the courtyard cam  stand through the storm,  heat, sunshine, rain,  or the cold and still give its best back to the nature. We can however win in all situation because we have the power of the mind ( the desire ) that made us look for the ways to control the nature . This strong mind enables us to find our way in the mountainous region by making tunnels, ropeways, circular roads and by even destroying the  mountain if it stood in the way. We by our power of mind have controlled all elements  of nature eg.   the sun,  the wind, the  sea and  below the surface element by making them useful to the mankind. our mind desired and the brain got busy  working full time to meet  and fulfill the desires   of the mind. Hence in the previous post I had asked you to begin accepting yourself by recognising and recalling the power of your own mind.

Let us once again do the same exercise once again in the manner we had done last week :  take a pen and paper  and start writing the following powerful positive statement  about yourself :

I am a powerful person I have the power of mind .  

Continue writing a full page .  Having completed writing  please place aside the pen and the paper.

We will now  meditate on this .

  • please sit in a comfortable  position wherever you are , keeping your   back straight but comfortable.
  • Place your right hand on your heart and the left hand four fingers below your navel in the middle of the stomach.
  • be at your ease.
  • close your eyes softly
  • and   start breathing.
  • let your mind  travel from the  lower left hand    to the top of your forehead  while  inhaling  and let the mind travel back to the bottom of the left hand on the stomach while exhaling . continue the process for five minutes.
  •   after five minutes are over just  relax  for a while.
  • open your eyes.
  • pick up the page on which we had done the  writing today.
  • Start reading loudly the  words and sentences written by you on the page like you are memorising every word written there. Do not let your eyes and mind wander from the written words even for a wink of a second . let the words  be imprinted on your mind   completely .
  • having finished , close the eyes again and reflect on the words spoken by you.

Get up after a while………, you will gradually start feeling good , about yourself  after a few days exercise  ?

We regularly conduct Preksha Meditation classes at Alka Mansik Pramarsh Foundation and our experiences reveals that  the meditation of  self-acceptance makes  people gain positivity and happy state of mind which can  not  be  compared to others because in this there is no , “other”. The learning    of the self can definitely be compared to the learning of the  new things and being part of something bigger, some sacred   and celestial    happiness and satisfaction.Come and learn with us the  daily  self acceptance practices that result into  psychological  and emotional healing.

Ramneek kapoor,Clinical Psychologist and family Therapist,Science of living ,Preksha Meditation expert.



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Have you of late been feeling deep in the woods  ? Do you feel the world is out to get you? Do you really feel the next johnny is better than you?  Do you want to just lie down and not look at the world  in the day light, with the curtains drawn and the lights off all the times?The day   to you just seems to drag on… the night becomes all the more difficult and sleep seems to have eluded you for many days . Do you look at the world a real queer  place with all of the folks giving you advise to go and do something about it ?

Do you :

  • beat Yourselves up over  silly mistakes,
  • feel always sick and tired on account of not  sleeping well,
  •   constantly grapple  with unwanted thoughts running  through your minds all the time
  • feel tormented  with traumas  and pains  of life’s  doings and undoings  .

The shrink might say you have a depression and a mood disorder . The others would simply be calling  it an inability to face the stresses of the world and may associate to anxiety attack. some could have compassion for you or some could just call you a lazy buff. But do you really feel all that advise is necessary when all you are   doing is being comfortable in the discomfort of the inertia and the negation of the self.

But is that not  a  fact  that    you Do want to feel truly good, only if some one could help you overcome this inertia of depression ?  The visits to the psychiatrists do not seem to have helped much, as he does nothing but prescribes a different medicine every time you go to him.

Here is a simple remedy that can help you overcome the negativity that seems to have entered your mind and life.

You make an attempt to Accept yourself and feel a profound sense of warmth and self-importance. No I am not advising   you to become a megalomaniac but   asking you to feel the  powers that be within you to resurrect your life .You have some magnetic power that makes you unique , that makes you , “ME”. Identify  this “ME” and make all efforts to become “ME”.

We would often look at others and not only compare ourselves with others but also be always  be busy in the process of becoming others. but would becoming others make us happy or satisfied ? no not at all . The more we look outward towards others ,the more we get dissociated    with the self   the real “ME”, that always wants to excel and be recognised. But the rat race of becoming others, the eagerness of doing like the others do  pushes this “ME”,  to the unknown  depths of ignominy.

We regularly conduct Preksha Meditation classes at Alka Mansik Pramarsh Foundation and our experiences reveals that  the meditation of  self-acceptance makes  people gain positivity and happy state of mind which can  not  be  compared to others because in this there is no , “other”. The learning    of the self can definitely be compared to the learning of the  new things and being part of something bigger, some sacred   and celestial    happiness and satisfaction.

If you want to feel this , self-acceptance   is the habit you need to inculcate gradually in your mind.

Start by writing all the positive things about you on  a paper , even if you feel there is nothing positive  that you can write about you just write  the following statement:

I am a powerful person I have the power of mind .  

Continue writing a full page ,then meditate on this, you will gradually start feeling good ?

YOU MUST   Accept Yourself  in the positive fashion and that will help you overcome barriers to self-acceptance .Come and learn with us the  daily  self acceptance practices that result into  psychological  and emotional healing.

Ramneek kapoor,Clinical Psychologist and family Therapist,Science of living ,Preksha Meditation expert.



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Preksha meditation -shwas preksha -The Perceptive Breathing technique can   bring down  the stress hormones in the central nervous system.

Preksha meditation -shwas preksha -The Perceptive  breathing  exercises help alleviate severe depression, as has been proved by the treatment of many patients by  us who have long been under the treatment  of  medication  administering  medicines .

Most of our  patients  , had depression that had not responded to antidepressant medication  even after a long treatment .The beneficial treatment   under Preksha meditation -shwas preksha -The Perceptive Breathing Technique conducted on a large group of patients , by us in our clinic reveal that :“a large number of patients not responding to the treatment of antidepressants and SSRIs , find the new technique of controlled breathing – under Preksha Meditation  shwas preksha  much more helpful  -The Perceptive Breathing technique   had in reality worked  best for each person to treat their  severe and chronic depression. Preksha meditation -shwas preksha -The Perceptive Breathing Technique   comes out as the short term but long lasting promising, lower-cost therapy and a , non-drug approach for patients suffering from severe depression. .”

Preksha meditation -shwas preksha -The Perceptive Breathing Technique   can be learnt over a series of sitting sessions of Preksha meditation -shwas preksha -The Perceptive Breathing Technique  in our clinic over a period of two to three months and the disease can be eliminated  completely.

The technique involves a series of   perceptive rhythmic breathing exercises designed to put the mind and body of the affected  in a tranquil, calm , peaceful , purposeful  and meditative state.

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Corporate Counseling and Psychological Services

Corporate and commercial organizations can avail our Corporate Counseling and Psychological Services to optimally utilize their human resources to contribute positively to the organizational planning and ongoing development. We help organizations in their change management, human resource reengineering and organizational effectiveness.

We extend our services and advice to business establishments of the Corporate sector and different organizational set ups on the psychological aspect of human mind management. We provide them with the valuable analysis of and inputs on human aspirations, human expectations and subsequent human behavior. The knowledge of human responses and behavioral patterns act as important tools in the process of the strategic planning and development of the corporate. Our psychological counseling can help bring about dynamic changes in the effective team functioning of the organizations.

 Institutional Services and Counseling:

Our corporate psychologists and human behavioral experts will work discreetly in association with your executive staff, using their knowledge and skills to help your executives achieve their full potentials to contribute positively and optimally to your corporate goals.

Our corporate psychological and counseling services include:

  • Psychological assessment of personnel for selection to various positions
  • Effective communications skills for managers and executives
  • Coaching and mentoring managers in developing effective problem solving skills
  • Resolution of group problems and   training into Group problem solving
  • Providing  Counseling skills  to management for effective staff handling
  • Coaching team leaders to work efficiently with their teams for better communication and higher productivity
  • Training into  interview skills
  • Training  to deal with difficult customers and how  to mediate and resolve conflicts
  • Setting up Staff training , counseling and motivation programs
  • Evaluation of corporate training programs and their effectiveness
  • Training into role playing , demonstration and discussion” for  corporate conferences
  • Mentoring executive teams for goal setting , goal getting and post goal counseling
  • Training into  managing critical incident, managing  stress, briefing and management of staff post critical incident
  • Devising effective corporate team strategies for better staff management

Mansik Pramarsh Indore specializes in   creating programs to meet your specific organizational needs. We can put our heart and soul into bringing about creativity, team work, communication, presentation skills, solving leadership, problems, facilitating meetings, time management, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, developing selling and influencing skills and organizing demonstrations for trainers.

Mansik Pramarsh Comprehensive Institutional Services Package can bring about dynamic change in your organizational effectiveness, mitigating   you and your corporate team of every worry and anxiety. Our expert counselors would be only too happy to find adequate positive corrective measures that would help you accelerate your efforts for growth and development.

Advantages Mansik Pramarsh Comprehensive Institutional Services Package:

  • Achieving organizational  success
  • Fulfilling corporate  goals
  • Developing the mental attitude for positive  confidence
  • Success and satisfaction at work for everyone
  • Connecting with your inner human  source of power & vision,
  • Developing flexibility, versatility, adaptability within the organization  to stay ahead of the competition
  • Develop productive relationships within  your team and leading  it to deliver superior business results
  • Establishing well managed  professional relationships – amongst  superiors, subordinates and co-workers
  • Establishment of  Effective corporate  Communication &  professional Empathy
  • Trained team into  creativity, Problem solving and innovation
  • Organizational etiquette, socializing, instant positivity , making people feel important, positive and negative feedback
    • Counseling for Industrial services
    • Mansik Pramarsh Indore offers counseling services specially designed for Small Scale Industries and their workers and employees of Class 3 and Class 4 labor groups only. The service may be used both for select groups or individual employees.

Schedule of Counseling for corporate counseling (individual managers/executives)

  • Day 1. – Initial Interview: an exploratory session with our expert counselor for exchange and understanding of basic information that would help us to understand the aspirations, interests, strengths and weakness of the counselee.
  • Day II   Testing
  • Personality profile
  • Real interest areas with details of each Psychological test.
    • Day III Commencement of the Counseling Sessions

Procedure: the counselee has to seek   prior appointment with the counselor.

  • Fee schedule for counseling services of corporate individual managers/ executives / industrial workers )   :
    • Psychological assessment fee    Rs. 1500/
    • Complete analytical report fee   Rs. 1000/
    • Counseling per session fee         Rs. 600/

*special fee packages are designed for corporate group counseling depending on the term, tenure and number of people to be counseled.

  • Confidentiality: our counselors / staff will operate with complete trust and confidentiality. The details of all results/ findings are not divulged to any other person except to the counselee.
  • Effect of Counseling: Our clients can expect to benefit from counseling, making positive changes in their life, relationships, communication, thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors. Very few of the clients however, may not find counseling profitable immediately as the behavioral aspects will change with passage of time only. Some of the counselees may develop a negative counseling experience too. Even the most successful counseling and therapy can, at times become uncomfortable, as we deal with emotionally difficult issues. Relationship can become positive/ negative with others depending on the situation. Counselees are advised to clarify their questions or concerns about their rights and responsibilities, the possible effects of counseling, or services being offered with the counselor/   staff member of the Counseling Services.

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You can not impress people by saying “I will do this”. You do this and let them be stunned. Life lived in postponement is no life. It becomes like a cheque of billions of dollars in pocket that can not be en-cashed. The best method of getting the best out of your life is to create. You must dream, desire and create. Let the fantasy become the reality by dreaming, visualizing and attaining. The dreams have always been the harbinger of development of the society. Some one dreamed of flying and we have an aircraft, someone else dreamt of an automobile and we have cars of all kind. Some one else dreamt scaling the Mount Everest and we have the human potential being utilized to it’s fullest.
We must let the dreams become blue prints of our life. The dreams will lead us to our real and desired places in life provided we take care of our dreams and bring them up the way we rear our children and make them better citizens of this wonderful world. Let us decide our route to our desired destination today by adopting the following tough steps for each one of our souls
1. A tougher introspection will help;
• Ask yourself where am I currently
• What do I want to accomplish in near future- distant future
• Do I enjoy what I am doing
• How do I make it enjoyable if I do not
2. Begin today with a solid dream list:
• Write as many dreams as possible
• Let your fancy take the front seat
• Forget about your limitations which are only earthly
• Imagine you have all the power to realize the dream list
3. Search for partners in your dreams realization:
• Let you family become a partner
• Let your coworkers become a partner
• Let your boss/junior become a partner for your dreams
• Share as many dreams as possible
• You never know who might be carrying the torch for you to guide you to the other end of the tunnel
4. Select four major goals for the current year
• Personal goal
• Work/ professional goal
• Relationship objective
• Financial objective
Let us understand if any of your dreams match that objective or lead to that objective- then stay focused.
5. Develop an action plan for each goal so identified by you
• Establish a schedule for each goal
• Anticipate trade offs
• Prioritize trade offs
• Strategize milestones
• Share with important people partners
• Start walking, enjoying breathers on the way
6. Let each goal be the contributor to your life’s growth plan
• What do I want to achieve in my life
• Do these goals meet my value orientation
• What is my own value perception
• What is my value destination
• Will these goals take me there
• How do I get to reach there
7. Taking charge of self

• Each day contains 24 hours only
• Design life growth plan to fit into 24 hours
• Have a healthy mix of fun and work in these 24 hours
• Prioritize fun and work
• Learn to say no to frivolities
• Punctualise yourself to save on time
• Develop a time plan for the day
• Choose and act as the plan directs
• Five practice strategies will help
 Write a diary and carry it along
 Write down new demand coming up
 Accord priority for any thing new coming up
 Set a new deadline for its completion
 Plan the day daily to accommodate deviation

We all need to reach our dream destination and a little planning in life can take us closer to  fulfillment of our desires. let us all get up and get going …..

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